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What is CoachesTown?

CoachesTown provides teams, scout troops, clubs and other organizations with FREE team websites and online communication and management tools to help you communicate better, share experiences, and enjoy the game or activities you take part in.   Learn about free team websites

CoachesTown is 100% FREE.

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team photos and video

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Take your best shot!

...and upload them to the website! Create unlimited albums and upload all your favorite moments, WITHOUT having to re-size those large files (we'll take care of that). Download a copy or leave comments on them!

Talk strategy, discuss games in your message boards

Your free CoachesTown website includes a private message board where you and your team can create topics and post messages that can even include photos you've uploaded!

YouTubeTM, you know?

We have integrated video website embeding into your CoachesTown website, so you can include your favorite YouTubeTM, Google VideoTM, LiveVideo.comTM and BrightCoveTM videos right in your existing team albums!

What the #$%!?! was that?

Don't worry, young eyes won't ever know either. Your CoachesTown forums contain a built-in language filter to help hide conversations better left unsaid - part of CoachesTown's commitment to a safe, fun and friendly online experience.

Tired of the phone chain calling game?

Stop making 25 phone calls every time a practice time changes or game is cancelled. CoachesTown integrates both email and cell phone text message alerts, allowing the coach to let EVERYONE know when events change with a few clicks... everyone knows where to be and when, whether they're at home or on the road.

Out-dated excel spread sheets mean more head aches

Is your excel doc with roster information up to date? With CoachesTown, your roster and user data is stored securely online, so you have access to it no matter what PC you're using!

7 reasons to use our calendar

Players, parents and fellow coaches no longer have to hound you about what is happening this week - with our month-view and 7-Day outlook, everyone can see what's going on, get directions, check off their availability, see who else is going and even discuss it in your own forum.

How is CoachesTown different from other team/activity sites?

Customize your website pages

CoachesTown goes way beyond uploading team logos. With your free team website, you can select which tabs you want displayed, customize the color theme and background. You can even change the layout of your website homepage to display the information YOU want, they way YOU want it!

Unlimited possibilities

CoachesTown provides amazing team communication tools for your free team website, but we've left room for your website to grow. Create your own custom website pages that automatically link to the tabbed sections of your website - fill those pages with images and video you've uploaded!

YourTeam Dot Com

Let CoachesTown get you a FREE domain name and set it up to go directly to your free team website! Team's like the Kingston Braves soccer team and Salem Mets baseball team already have THEIR free team domain!

How is your team doing this season?

No matter WHAT sport your team plays, CoachesTown automatically flags any event labeled "Game" and adds it to your season W/L/T stats, so you can see how your team did against the competition, win percentage for home and away and much more!

Individual Performance Stats

With CoachesTown, major sports activities like soccer, baseball and hockey have built-in individual stat record keeping... so coaches can quickly and easily update individual stats each game, and let their players get in there and talk em' up!

Don't see it? Let us build it!

Are you looking for personal activity-specific stats that we haven't designed yet?
Contact us and we'll BUILD your individual stats tool based on YOUR suggestions!

Simple, powerful online scheduling

One of the core features of CoachesTown is the ability to put your team schedule online very quickly, with very little effort. Our scheduling system allows you to create an entire month of activities in just a few minutes.

Smarter schedules

CoachesTown uses information you provide to make future scheduling even faster. Store unlimited locations and events that automatically provide the team with GoogleMapTM directions. Cancel or change events with only a couple of clicks, alerting the team INSTANTLY!

Are you available?

Has your team ever had to forfeit or play short-handed because you didn't know who was or wasn't attending?

CoachesTown schedules integrate an availability tool for every event - one click lets the team know if you can be there - or if you can't... and discussion links let you start a conversation or join an existing one about any event so making carpool or refreshment arrangements has never been easier!

Create a free website Online scheduling tools
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